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The Most Anticipated Business Conference of 2018
May 3-4 or September 27-28
Salt Lake Marriott City Center - Salt Lake City, UT
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General Admission
  •  How to 10x your business
  •  How to skyrocket sales and achieve predictable and sustainable results
  •  How to pivot to be a disruption in your industry
  •  Distinguish yourself from the competition and be the industry best
  •  How to balance family, health and personal life while being successful in business
  •  How to cut through the noise, accelerate success and focus on what matters most
There is a specific set of skills that successful entrepreneurs have. They take an idea and build it into a profitable reality, yet most entrepreneurs never learn these critical skills and continue to struggle towards their dreams. Serial entrepreneur Steve Shallenberger, successfully built eleven businesses from the ground up in three separate industries. For the first time, Steve and his team will share the six keys you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur and live the life you’ve always dreamed.
Who Should Attend
  •  Early Stage Entrepreneur - You’re in the early stages of growth and working towards your dream, wondering if you’re going to make it
  •  The Seasoned Entrepreneur - You have an idea, but you’re not sure what to do with that idea and where to start
  •  The Start-up Entrepreneur - You’ve grown and proven your idea. Now, technology is changing at a rapid pace and right now there is someone thinking about how they can put you out of business. You’ll gain additional tools and skill sets to protect and grow your business to be the disruptor rather than being disrupted
  •  The Future Entrepreneur - Anyone who wants to start a new company, enterprise, direct marketing organization, or launch a new product or service
  •  Team Members - Employees of any sized business or corporation who you want to think and act like an entrepreneur to help grow your company
General Admission
What Other People Are Saying
Trusted by Thousands of Businesses, Just Like Yours.
“Because of you, I feel refreshed, inspired and motivated to do great things. I feel I have gained a tremendous amount of new insight, and most notably, a new friend!” - Laura Nestler, Omni
“The type of stuff you talked about is rarely discussed in the business world, yet it covers many aspects which are CRITICAL to any successful business!!” - Diane Venner, Intercontinental Trust
“I have attended many seminars in the past. None have had a lasting impression on me like this one." - Steve Mena, VP of Operations
“We simply cannot thank you enough for the breakthroughs. There was a buzz and a palpable spirit of renewed motivation.” - Mark Holland, CEO
“Walsworth has had many keynote speakers in the past, but none who have resonated with us like Becoming Your Best.” - Don Walsworth, President
“'I've been to many of these types of events over the years, but this is the cream of the crop!” - Michael Comet, CEO
"We found the 'Becoming Your Best' seminar to be extremely effective for our group. It is a fast paced interactive approach which brings great energy into the room. It was time well spent." - Jerry Jones Jr., Dallas Cowboys
"From struggling to finally finding success, more than 200 young entrepreneurs are now achieving their dreams in their business and personal lives because of these powerful tools." - Emery Rubagenga
  •  Create Winning Ideas - Take an idea from inception and grow it into a successful product or service
  •  Turn Your Idea Into A Thriving Business - Develop a clear vision, plan, USP, and KPI's to track and measure progress
  •  Stay Ahead Of Unknown Threats To Your Plan - Have access to an e-book filled with tools that every entrepreneur should have
  •  Learn From Other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs - Learn from other experiences to prevent a lot of future headaches
  •  Attract Loyal Customers - Identify 23 ways to create a loyal customer and a sustainable revenue stream
  •  Avoid Costly Mistakes - Identify how to hire the right employees and protect yourself from costly mistakes
  •  Connect With Steve's Most Trusted Partners & Resources - From web design to lawyers—we’ve got a list of people who’ve earned our trust
  •  Effectively Balance Your Hectic Schedule & Precious Time - Implement five techniques to prioritize your time, manage stress, and sleep well at night
  •  Accomplish Your Biggest Goals & Dreams - Wake up every morning excited, refreshed, and filled with hope and happiness
Don’t procrastinate your success another day!
General Admission
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